How To Lightly Write A Critical Thinking Essay?

14 Jul 2023

critical thinking essay

Critical thinking essay writing is one of the common tasks from elementary school up to colleges. At an early stage, students get to learn all the critical skills for essay writing. This prepares them to write an essay on any topic. This also prepares them for future advanced writing in colleges and also in the commerce world.

This paper is one of the common topics that students write about in school. It demands that a student tackling it incorporates personal thoughts and decisions and analytical skills. It helps students develop their critical and analytical skills when faced with real issues.

What Is A Critical Thinking Essay?

Critical thinking is described as a complex form of human judgment. A critical thinking essay is a form of writing that helps develop evaluation and analytical skills. Such an essay gauges your analytical skills as well as judgment on real issues through careful reading, use of logical reasoning, and concepts.

Through writing, you are exposed to a lot of raw information that requires analytical skills to scrutinize and synthesize. With a topic that requires you to develop an argument from a personal point of view, you have to first synthesize the information critically. From there, you can come up with your own point of view with findings.

The unique thing about critical thinking topics is that you have to make a decision on the direction to take as far as a topic is concerned. Therefore, apart from gaining analytical skills, students also nurture decision-making skills in the process. This is one of the most crucial types of writing in schools as it teaches students to be independent thinkers.

How to write a critical thinking essay?

When tasked with writing an essay on a critical thinking topic, take time to brainstorm. Based on the topic you choose, you ought to research all the viable points of view you can write about. Dig deeper into the topic to find more information you can use to support your claim.

The key ingredient to writing an excellent essay is in-depth research into the topic to find all relevant information. To support your argument in a critical analysis essay, thorough research is mandatory. After researching, analyze the collected information.

If you are writing an argumentative essay, have sufficient evidence to present your case. You also have to look for good argumentative essay topics you can choose from. With a good topic and sufficient evidence to support your point of view, you can come up with the perfect critical thinking and ethics essay.

The best way to start an essay on any critical analysis topic is to draft an intriguing hook. The hook should capture the attention of the reader with the desire to know and understand what the paper has to say. This must come in the introduction part with the key concepts of the paper.

How to Make a Critical Thinking Essay Outline?

Before you embark on the actual paper, create an outline that will guide you. An outline shows the flow of your ideas and information for the written essay to make perfect sense. To write an effective article, you must first conduct thorough research on the topic.

An outline allows you to categorize your key points in order. This makes it easier to structure and develop each paragraph and also arrange them in order of the strongest to the weakest. Basically, an outline is a template that helps a writer avoid getting stuck when drafting the actual paper.

A nice structure should include all your headings and subheadings in order of how you write them. Under each heading and sub-heading should be a brief description of what each paragraph discusses. It is the best way to finalize your paper on time.

What Is the Structure of a Critical Thinking Essay?

Just like any other dissertation, critical thinking essays also follow the basic essay structure. They must have a heading, the intro part, the body, and the conclusion. In some cases, you must also include the references section for all your information sources.

Let’s jump straight into the structure.

  • The heading
    This is the most important part of the paper in terms of capturing the attention of the reader. Critical thinking papers must have easy to read titles that depict what the reader should expect. A good title must be short, precise and straight to the point.
  • The introduction
    This section must include the thesis of the essay as well as the main ideas. It is a short section that gives the reader a gist of what to expect in the rest of the paper. This must be done for all critical thinking topics for papers – whether argumentative, analytical, or rhetorical. A rhetorical analysis essay must have an intro that is very persuasive to the reader.As a writer, you need to make clear your standpoint for the rest of the paper in this section. For your persuasive essay to be great, you ought to choose good persuasive essay topics to work on. This makes it easy to draft the introductory part.
  • The body
    In the body section, you have to give all your compelling evidence leading to why you choose a particular point of view. To fully convince the reader, you must arrange your evidence from the strongest to the weakest point. Each paragraph should discuss a point by itself.You can always rely on critical thinking paper examples as you write to get an idea of how to go about it. You can easily get access to a critical thinking paper sample online at no cost. Using this as a guide makes the writing process simple.
  • Conclusion
    This is the final section for your paper. It is meant to summarize your entire paper in brief statements. Never leave your paper hanging without proper closure. This section is short with a maximum of two paragraphs.

What Are the Main Critical Thinking Essay Questions?

A rhetorical analysis essay demands you analyze each and every piece of information before coming to a verdict. Basically, you must answer some questions as you write such an essay. These questions include;

  • why,
  • how,
  • when,
  • for whom and
  • which.

These questions are a guideline to seeking answers as you conduct research for any topic. For narrative essay topics, the questions why, who, when and how is essential. They allow the reader to understand the motive behind the paper.

Critical Thinking Essay Writing Tips

If you are seeking some tips that can help you with your writing, here are some of the most crucial ones;

  • Always work with a narrow topic
    Working with a broad topic may be very cumbersome as you cannot exhaust the available information. To draft a more elaborate paper, choose a narrower topic to focus on. Ensure you have exhausted everything about the sub-topics you’ve decide to discuss.
  • Brainstorm
    After research, don’t be quick to start the paper. You need to spare some time to brainstorm for any new ideas. This makes your paper spicier and more intriguing.
  • List all your information and ideas
    The best way to ensure all your ideas don’t evaporate is to write them down. Not only does this save all your ideas, but it also ensures that you can arrange them in a systematic order.
  • Work with samples
    There are very many resources available to students online for free. On the internet, you can find anything, including a critical thinking essay sample. You need to get all the knowledge you can from the internet as you write your paper.

What Are the Best Critical Thinking Topics to Hit the Sweet Spot?

Want to deliver an excellent paper? Then you need to be keen on the topic you choose. There are countless critical thinking essay topics to choose from. Below is a list of some of the best critical thinking topics for discussion you can decide to work with.

  1. Sports and entertainment
  2. Political issues
  3. Doping cases by athletes
  4. Racism and its effects
  5. Street families
  6. Immigration
  7. Health and lifestyle diseases
  8. Gender roles in society
  9. Modeling
  10. Fashion
  11. Social injustices
  12. Corruption
  13. Technology and its effects
  14. Business and e-commerce
  15. Investment and entrepreneurship
  16. Social media and its effects in society
  17. Cyberbullying and its causes
  18. Climatic changes
  19. Implications of Brexit to the international community
  20. Single parenthood

When given a writing task, the main challenge is picking the right topic to expound on. Choosing the right critical topics for papers can be challenging due to the wide selection to choose from. The secret is to choose a topic that interests you as a person – a topic you have a thing for.

Understanding what is expected of you is also an important factor for drafting essay assignments. You need to understand the structure as well as the writing process to follow.

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