Narrative Essay Topics: Best Ideas In 2023

14 Jul 2023

narrative essay topics

Your teacher assigns you a new essay. What do you think? Hearing the term essay may create feelings of anxiety for a lot of students though they have been studying for years. Students feel that their writing isn’t strong enough and playing the role of an author terrifies because writing is a very unique skill. Whether it’s a narrative, persuasive, process piece or a research paper, writing an essay can be boring and awful for many. But, guess what? Today we’re going to share with you a guide on how to choose good narrative essay topics for crafting a perfect essay.

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Dos And Don’ts Of Writing A Narrative Essay

Before digging deeper, it’s crucial to understand the meaning of a narrative essay. A narrative essay is a type of essay that tests your storytelling ability and also improves your writing skills. It allows students to express themselves in a creative and presentable manner. Narrative essays are told from a writer’s point of view. Thus, there is feeling and specific and sensory details are provided to get the readers engaged in the sequence of the story.

Writing a narrative essay can be a quite challenging affair for students. Therefore, here are some dos and don’ts that they can follow while crafting a perfect narrative essay.

  • Keep the structure in mind. Since a narrative essay has no proper rules to follow, you must state the topic in the introduction, write each event in chronological order and conclude it with your feelings and thoughts.
  • Include three necessary elements for writing a narrative – Characters, the setting of the place, and action.
  • Know your audience and understand your word choice, images and action will vary according to the intended audience.
  • Begin with a catchy hook. For example – In my finance career, the risk is something I deal with every day.
  • Write a strong and clear thesis statement.
  • Divide the events clearly into different paragraphs. Also, make sure they are in chronological order.
  • Write clear and concise sentences. You can also combine short sentences to avoid repeating yourself.
  • Avoid using dead and difficult words.
  • Use transition words as it will help to keep your audience engaged in your story.
  • Write a clear and precise conclusion.
  • Proofread and edit your entire essay before submitting. Also check for grammatical mistakes, spelling, sentence structure, and punctuation.

Narrative Essay Topics

Choosing a narrative essay topic is very important but may take a lot of time and effort. While picking a topic, think about the life experience you would like to talk about. There are a large number of topics but selecting the best one is not easy. Thus, we’ve provided a list of narrative essay topics according to each level and issue.

Narrative Essay Topics For College

Writing an essay is a crucial part of college and university education. Make sure the topic you choose is appealing to you and interests your audience. Some interesting narrative essay topic ideas for college students include the following:

  • What you dreamed to become as a child and why?
  • Your most valuable childhood possession
  • Your favorite childhood cartoon character and why?
  • Your favorite game in childhood and why?
  • What was a childhood experience that helped you grow?
  • Your most favorite subject in school and why?
  • Your favorite teacher in school
  • Tell us about your first day in school
  • Who was your best friend in primary school?
  • The most embarrassing event that happened in class
  • Your first day of college/university
  • Your favorite subject in college
  • Experiences living in a student dorm
  • Your relationship with your classmates and professors
  • What would you like to change in your university?

Topics For A Narrative Essay On Relationships

Every student has some very close relationships with their family, friends and other people. So, if you’re asked to write about them, here are some interesting topics you can choose from:

  • Who is the person you are afraid to lose the most?
  • The kind of relationship you have with your parents
  • For how long you’ve been in love?
  • Who are the most loyal friends in your life?
  • Write about a breakup you’ve recently experienced.
  • The first time you’ve faced rejection
  • When did you first fall in love?
  • Why do you believe in love and marriage?
  • How did you handle the end of your friendship?
  • What would you tell someone who’s just started dating?

Morality Topics For Writing A Narrative Essay

Morality is the difference between good and bad intentions, decisions, and actions. So, if you’re looking for some great morality narrative essay topic ideas, have a look:

  • What ethical dilemmas have you faced?
  • What morality problems bother you and why?
  • What is the most difficult decision you’ve taken in life?
  • Tell about your personal morality challenge
  • How do you treat poor people?
  • How to do act with strangers?
  • Have you ever experienced eavesdropping? What did you do?
  • Why do you like helping others?
  • Why do you feel uncomfortable when you lie to people?
  • Why do you respect all kinds of people?

Examples Of Narrative Essay Topics On Traveling

If you love traveling to different places, why not share your stories? Write about the things you’ve seen and the people you’ve met. Don’t have a clue on what to write about? Here are some topics that can ease your frustration:

  • Write about your first traveling experience
  • Which is your favorite mode of travel?
  • Describe your dream destination.
  • How has travel affected your life?
  • Write about an unforgettable road trip.
  • If you were to travel anywhere in the World, where would you go?
  • Write about a crazy and funny adventure with friends.
  • A trip you loved the most.
  • According to you, the worst place for a vacation.
  • What was your favorite camping experience with your friends?

Good Narrative Essay Topics 2020

Narrative essays are comparatively easier to write than other types of essays. But, picking a good topic can be a headache. So, after thorough research, we’ve compiled a list of 20 most interesting and original topics for a narrative essay that’ll make your essay stand out from the rest:

  1. What are some important lessons you’ve learned in life?
  2. What is that one thing you would like to change in your school or college?
  3. Which autobiographical book has inspired you the most?
  4. Which film had a negative impact on your life?
  5. What was the most embarrassing moment of your life?
  6. Describe the relations that you have with your siblings.
  7. What is your favorite possession?
  8. How has social media affected your life?
  9. What is the biggest fear you’ve ever faced in your life?
  10. Why volunteering makes you happy?
  11. What failure has taught you?
  12. Which is your favorite fictional character?
  13. How can you improve literacy levels in a distinct way?
  14. Your biggest disappointment in life.
  15. What incident in history would you like to change?
  16. The greatest lesson you’ve learned from your parents.
  17. A random act of kindness.
  18. Describe the first time you traveled alone.
  19. The most dangerous experience of your life.
  20. Describe the beginning of friendship or love.

These were some amazing narrative essay topics for college students. It’s good to share your personal experience and emotions on a piece of paper. But before you select a topic, make sure that you connect with the idea and engage your audience with the title of your paper. Also, write in the first person and don’t overload your reader with excess information.

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