What To Do When It’s Hard To Write Good Papers Again


Write Good Papers

Even very creative persons have the periods of writer’s block. Sometimes you work on essays for hours and don’t see any good result. It’s often hard to write the first sentence or start the specific section.

It’s not only the writers’ problem. Media journalists, college students, scientists, and researchers also suffer from it. But how to deal with it and return to creative writing?

Conferences and workshops

It’s good solution to speak with other people, discuss different subjects, exchange ideas. You can also learn much fresh and interesting information at conferences and workshops. Such activities spark the interest and give you more ideas. Find the people who want to read your work and listen to their feedback

Speak with other people who work on their projects, discuss the details of those projects. Sharing ideas can inspire you for working on your own essay or another project.

Change your styles and genres

It’s hard to eat the same food every day. So it may be hard to write only in one specific genre. Try to change the style of writing, choose completely different genres.

You may try to write a poem, even if you didn’t do it before. If most of your projects are serious scientific works, try to write something fun. You don’t have to publish those poems and jokes, but they can help you to refresh your brain and get more inspiration for writing. But if you write really well in different genres, it may become your hobby.

Read a favorite book again

Writer’s skills highly depend on his or her reading list. Many writers have their favorite books, which influenced their styles. So if you don’t have inspiration for writing, try to read. It helps to find new ideas and motivation to write. This method is more efficient if you return to your favorite books.

Teach other people

If you have enough writing experience, you can teach young students or other people. You share your knowledge and skills with them, and they share their motivation and passion to writing with you. So it’s good both for you and your students. You can return to the time when you was a young beginning writer, and feel the courage again.

Writing needs enough time

Sometimes writer’s block is not caused by lack of courage. The lack of time is also a common reason of problems with writing.

Maybe you spent too much time on other activities, such as family, learning and sports, additional job. It may be good for you, but not good for your project. And maybe you choose the wrong hours and days for writing, especially when you think about something else and trying to find solutions of other problems.

Try to rearrange your schedule. You should have a time, which you can dedicate to writing, and also enough time for other activities.

Groups of writers

Many creative people work together in writer’s groups. They share their thoughts and ideas, help each other to solve different problems, especially writer’s block. So you can find such group and join it.

Another reason to work with professional writers who didn’t know you before is their independence. Your friends may give you a good feedback, but you don’t know if they are honest. Professionals and critics give more objective advice. And don’t forget about their experience.

Try small goals

Some people have the huge plans, such as writing a big novel or getting literature award. As the result, they don’t even finish the first page of their works. So you should start from small parts, little tales or articles. You may don’t even think about the objective, just write what you want.

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