Creative Writing Prompts To Boost Your Inspiration

14 Jul 2023

creative writing prompts

Creative writing prompts are writing assignments used to test students’ writing knowledge and skills.

Inwardly, the key to being a good creative writer, is practice – having daily writing exercises. On possible external influences, you should not wait for inspiration to come to you. You have to chase it with a club. Let’s see how you can get inspiration for writing flowing.

Where To Get Ideas To Write About?

No matter how much you like to write, there will always be days when you will need to be inspired by one muse or another. In fact, it could open a debate about whether inspiration is not just something we want, but an integral part of the creative process.

Every creative writing author needs inspiration if they want to write well. Most of the time, our inspiration comes to us in the most strange ways and the most unforeseen places.

We have compiled for you some creative writing tips which include 20 sources to get inspired to write; some are obvious, others not so much.

  1. Books: Read the writers you admire, like to read, analyze what they write, and try to emulate what they do.
  2. Things you hear: All writers, deep down, are a bit of voyeurs. When you’re in a public place, always have your antennas on. Listen to other people’s conversations discreetly.
  3. Magazines: Magazines do not attract their readers for their literary quality, they supplement that lack with different focuses, voices, and rhythms, and that is where we can learn.
  4. Forums: When writing in forums, the important thing is to share information or make your ideas known. And it’s those ideas that can inspire us to have creative writing topics.
  5. Art: For a writer, there is no greater inspiration than the art itself. Although it is not the same as seeing it in person, you can find inspiration in the great works, you just have to search for them online. It does not have to be classic art. Anything works, anime, comics… it’s up to you.
  6. Music: At the same time, you can find a lot of inspiration in music. Music is life, you can write with background music, and the truth is, it is magical.
  7. Friends: Chatting with friends, in person, by phone, or by email can inspire you. Your friends will criticize your creative writing ideas, give another perspective, and give you their own ideas.
  8. Nature: Do you lack ideas? Lift your ass off the chair and go for a walk or run. Get away from the sidewalks and streets and look for places full of trees, grass, and vegetation. A park, a river, the beach, a pond, etc.
  9. History: Great personalities in history can inspire you to do great things. Examples are Julio César, Napoleón, Beethoven, etc.
  10. Travels: Maybe you go around the world, or just a weekend getaway, leave your area, visit other landscapes, people, food, or customs. Use those places to change the way you see things.
  11. Children: Children have a different way of seeing things, without taboos. They say what they think and do not care what you think of what they say.
  12. Exercise: Exercising is not only good for the body, by increasing the blood flow to the brain and being outdoors, your thoughts flow more freely.
  13. Newspapers: If you know what to look for, you will be surprised. Sometimes, reality trumps fiction.
  14. Dreams: Dreams are a source of inspiration. If you dream a lot (or even a few times), you can have a notebook where you write them down – if you are able to remember them.
  15. Journal writing: We recommend having a journal. It does not have to be pretty, as long as it has a leather cover and all that. You do not even have to write in it every day. Later, you can use many of those pieces.
  16. Blogs: There are millions of blogs, on any subject you can imagine (and on so many others that you cannot imagine). Be inspired, but do not copy. Talking about plagiarism, you may try to find out how to avoid plagiarism and produce unique content, even while getting inspiration from online sources.
  17. Poetry: How is it possible that poetry inspires prose? Nothing better than the rhythm and beauty of a good poem to inspire great emotions and ideas.
  18. Shakespeare: The eternal bard is always a source of inspiration for anyone. His stories are impossible to pigeonhole – love, drama, comedy, ghosts, witches, murders, and racism. Everything fits into complex work that is bequeathed to us.
  19. Google: Possibly the greatest source of information that exists. If you are dry of ideas, write anything and see what comes out.
  20. Free writing: Here’s a great exercise, either to find inspiration or to relieve yourself in times of stress. Take a sheet of paper, a pen and let yourself go. Do not think. Just write what goes through your head.

Using Creative Writing Prompts

Creative writing prompts can be likened to a matchbox. They create the triggers of the imaginative fire, making you go beyond your comfort zone towards a creative writing exercise.

Using a creative writing prompt, there is no limit you can achieve, from creating a short creative story to a long essay, all depends on your ability to brainstorm, research, and invent literary ideas.

Best Creative Writing Topics And Prompts In 2020 (By Type)

Creative writing is diverse, from journal writing to essay writing and many others. Let’s see some various creative prompts and topics to write about.

Fiction Writing Topics Ideas

  1. A rebellious character revolts against a higher authority.
  2. Avenging a loved one: an act of revenge within the same family.
  3. A disaster occurs or will occur as a result of a character’s actions.
  4. A situation where a hunted character must escape to save his life.
  5. A character avenges the murder of another character.
  6. A character kidnaps a person against his will.
  7. A character kills the husband of his lover.
  8. A character commits crimes under the influence of madness or drugs.
  9. A character has or perhaps has an incestuous relationship.
  10. A character kills a loved one without knowing it.
  11. A character gives his life for an ideal.
  12. A character sacrifices himself to save a loved one.
  13. The passion of a character turns out to be fatal.
  14. A loving character gets lost and commits a crime.
  15. The beloved is engaged in reprehensible activities.
  16. A situation when love between a pair is hindered by the family or society.
  17. A character loves someone who is his enemy.
  18. A character from an affluent background falls in love with a person of lower social status or vice versa.
  19. Breakdown in international relations between world superpowers results in a third world war, which sees half of the world population eliminated.
  20. A character seeks to seize power by all means.

20 Creative Nonfiction Writing Topics

  1. The real relationship between food, fitness, and weight
  2. Steroid users should be excluded from team sports activities.
  3. What are the negative effects of dieting?
  4. Hockey and other dangerous sports.
  5. The abuse of energy drinks
  6. The problem of work addiction
  7. The problem of sexually transmitted diseases in young people.
  8. Marketing of healthy foods and their impact on youth health
  9. Marketing and its role in shaping superficial paradigms in young people
  10. Debate on the legality or not of drugs
  11. Debate on euthanasia
  12. Being a vegetarian in a world of fast foods
  13. Abortion: Arguments for and against its legalization
  14. The legality of drugs does not solve the problem of addiction in young people.
  15. Why is junk food so addictive?
  16. Is it a good idea to drink bottled water?
  17. Do fad diets really work?
  18. Does eating gluten really make people healthier?
  19. What fast food restaurant serves the best food?
  20. Which is better, Starbucks or your local coffee shop?

Journal Writing Topics Ideas

  1. Write about the girl you turned down your proposal after a couple of dates
  2. Write about your first day in college
  3. Write about your scary nightmares
  4. Write about your nostalgic childhood memories
  5. Write about what your first wet dream felt like
  6. If you’ve ever lost a parent, write about how it feels
  7. Write how it feels like returning back to college after your summer vacay
  8. Write about your disturbing health conditions
  9. Pen a thank you journal to a friend who listened to your worries and proffered solutions
  10. Write about dissuading a close friend from alcoholism
  11. What and where will I be in 10 years time?
  12. A past time in your life which you would love to forget
  13. Write about your favorite authors or entertainers.
  14. Write about how your first heartbreak felt like
  15. Write about losing your childhood friend
  16. Set yourself a future goal
  17. Evaluate what your biggest accomplishments in life are
  18. Pen a real-life story of betrayal
  19. If you win a million dollar lottery, how would you spend it?
  20. Write about who your anger problems

20 Essay Writing Topics And Prompts

  1. The problem of drug use with students
  2. Children with autism and the challenge of education
  3. Most high-level jobs are done by men. Should the government encourage a certain percentage of these jobs to be reserved for women?
  4. Zoos are sometimes considered necessary but are poor alternatives compared to a natural environment. Discuss some of the arguments for and against keeping animals in zoos.
  5. The difficulty of achieving economic independence
  6. The government should impose limits on domestic garbage.
  7. Do men earn more money than women who have the same job position and education?
  8. Is it easier for a man to access a better-paid job?
  9. Euthanasia: where does the term come from? What does it mean to grant a person a dignified death? Cases of euthanasia in the world. In what countries is it legal and in what cases?
  10. What is the best way to prevent the use and abuse of drugs?
  11. Hemp legalization: advantages and disadvantages. What countries have legalized it, and what has been the result of drug addiction rates?
  12. The problem of poverty: economic systems that promote the creation of new jobs and social welfare.
  13. Legalization of gay marriage: where is it legal?
  14. Advantages of an inclusive society where the rights of all citizens are respected regardless of their creed, race, and/or sexual orientation.
  15. The right to privacy in the globalized era: how the internet and social networks have robbed us of privacy?
  16. Where does intimate life begin, and where does it end?
  17. What types of content is good to publish, and which ones should remain in the private universe?
  18. Control in the sale of weapons: why would it help to have more control over who, how, and when someone can have access to firearms?
  19. Immigration: how migrants make an active and productive part of society? Advantages of opening the doors to trained workers and families in need.
  20. Ways to fight bullying: how to explain to children and young people the serious consequences of bullying? How to make children and young people an active part of the solution.

Creative Writing Topics By Grade

There are different creative prompts for different education levels: elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. Below is a list of daily writing prompts, interesting topics for each grade as well as some questions related to the topic that can help generate a point of view.

20 Writing Topics For Elementary School Students

There is no age limit about the age one can start writing. Let’s see some writing prompt idea and topics which can shape the writing skills of elementary school kids.

  1. My best friend
  2. My favorite food
  3. My hobby
  4. My mother
  5. My father
  6. My long-distant uncle
  7. My pet dog
  8. The best gift Daddy gave me
  9. My favorite teacher
  10. My classmates
  11. My favorite TV show
  12. My favorite cartoon series
  13. How I’ll spend my next holiday
  14. My dream place I’ll love to visit
  15. My scary night dream
  16. My favorite book
  17. My favorite subject
  18. What I’ll like to become
  19. My visit to the zoo
  20. My favorite time of the week

20 Prompts And Topics For Middle School Students

Middle school is the preparatory level for high school. The basic literary skills and knowledge acquired here will shape the student’s future regarding literary writing. Here are 20 prompts and topics for students in middle school.

  1. The first day in my new school
  2. My favorite Disney TV show
  3. My favorite Disney character
  4. Why school uniforms shouldn’t be made compulsory for students
  5. My trip to the cross-country
  6. The problem of racism
  7. Should children do house chores
  8. When’s the best time to have my assignment done
  9. What is feminism
  10. Why sporting activities is compulsory for students
  11. The role of technology in studying
  12. The best day of my life
  13. The things I regret doing
  14. Which is the best department in high school?
  15. The problem of bullying among students
  16. Social inequality
  17. Are kids influenced by violence on TV?
  18. The best book I have read?
  19. My favorite Shakespeare book
  20. My role model

20 Creative Prompts And Topics For High School Students

Daily writing exercises are highly recommended for high school students – especially in the arts and related departments in high school.

As essays in high school will prepare you for more tasking literary pieces such as argumentative essays, here are some topics and prompts to help you in answering the famed question: what should I write about?

  1. How do fertilizers and chemicals affect the products we consume? Consequences in our health of the use of these substances. Why is it better to eat organic crops?
  2. The revolution of electronic books: Advantages and disadvantages of reading in tablets. Where are the paper books?
  3. The effect of globalization on the expansion of art: The new concepts of temporal arts.
  4. Influence of social networks on adolescents: How new generations are losing social skills due to their addiction to interactions through the screen.
  5. Internet abuse and its effects on the health of young people.
  6. Violence in video games: How are children in affected by the violence that video games present to them?
  7. Fast food and its effects on health: Everything in moderation is worth it?
  8. Do women have more responsibilities in the home?
  9. How do animal fats and saturated fats affect health?
  10. The problem of obesity in the new generations. How to educate children and young people in healthier eating habits?
  11. How is education one of the keys to generating more social equality?
  12. The death penalty: does it bring solutions to society to end the life of a convict?
  13. The benefits of vegetarian food: How a diet based on fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, and seeds can help health.
  14. How to empower girls to become successful women The importance of education to create equal environments for boys and girls.
  15. The obsession with beauty and perfection: Too much care can generate more problems than benefits?
  16. How reading helps generate curious children and young people.
  17. Importance of homeschooling: why what we learn at home is equally important to what we learn at school? How to teach by example.
  18. The role of the State in higher education: How politicians and governments can be a factor in changing the quality of education.
  19. Reasons to prohibit the use of cell phones in the classroom: why should classrooms be a cell-free place?
  20. How to provide an educational environment free of publications, social networks, likes, and tweets?

20 Writing Prompts For College Students

Going to college is definitely a step-up in the life of every student, and these essay prompts will even get more talking and need extra effort and brainstorming. Check out 20 of some of the many writing ideas you can choose from.

  1. The consequences of climate change: Origins, studies, and causes. How are human beings affected by these phenomena? How to help with small changes in our habits?
  2. The use and abuse of creams and plastic surgeries.
  3. How is the workload balanced with domestic life?
  4. Importance of promoting green energy: The new wave of renewable energy. How do certain countries invest in green energy? The advantages of renewable energies.
  5. Why the world should switch to electric cars
  6. Excessive noise in cities: Is there a way to “clean up” the noise generated by cars, buses, and trucks in cities?
  7. Why AI is a ticking time bomb. The disadvantages of implementing AI in human society
  8. Tax havens: Places where tax benefits attract citizens from other parts of the world.
  9. The minimum wage: How is the new minimum wage in the United States helping the less favored? Why does an equitable minimum wage generate more committed employees?
  10. Artificial insemination: How couples who could not have children before now have a family. How artificial insemination helps couples of the same sex to form a family.
  11. Abortion: what countries allow it, and what are its restrictions? Why support it? Why be against? What are the advantages of decriminalizing it?
  12. The role of communications in social networks for modern education.
  13. Write about sportsmen. Do you think they are paid too much?
  14. Why teachers should be graded
  15. Homosexuality in the military service
  16. Why firearms should not be registered
  17. How the family structure has changed in recent years
  18. UFOs: Fantasies or realities
  19. Who is the best American president ever
  20. Why payment of admission fees should be scrapped in the university

Top 10 Creative Topics For Writing

Having talked about prompts and topics for different grades, here’s a culmination of some top creative topics. Check them out!

  1. Why Trump is wrong about climate change
  2. Why cannabis should not be legalized
  3. Why euthanasia should be considered
  4. Life in the countryside is better than life in the city
  5. What’s the right age for youth to leave their parents
  6. Is global cooling still possible on earth?
  7. Why there are less natural disasters in Africa
  8. The brain drain and brain gain phenomena
  9. Why superpowers US and China should strengthen their ties
  10. Is Mars habitable?

How To Organize Daily Writing Exercises?

  1. Keep a journal
  2. Dedicate a specific time
  3. Start a blog
  4. Eliminate distraction
  5. Set up a goal
  6. Dedicate a specific space for writing

Much has been said about how to come up with creative writing topics, prompts, and ideas for every educational level. Consistency and practice are the main keys toward perfection in your writing niche. There are audiences for everyone, and the literary world is vast enough for you to explore.

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