How To Organize The Structure Of Your College Essay

When a young college student has a task to write the first essay, it may seems so difficult and unusual to him or her. Simple homework from high school is not acceptable anymore. How should I start? What structure should I use? How to write a really good essay? All those questions are often asked by the students who have recently started their study at college

Even if you never wrote big and complex essays before, you can master it. Here you can find some advice for organizing the structure of your essay.


You should always put the introduction in the beginning of your essays and other similar works. It helps you to reach the following goals:

  • Introduce the subject of the text.
  • Involve your readers and make them read further.
  • Give information about the essay that your readers should know.
  • Show your position and tell your thoughts.

To reach those goals, you can use the following methods:

  • Official statistics.
  • Tell about something compelling in the next sections of essay.
  • Using quotations.
  • Tell an anecdote, but only relevant jokes are acceptable.
  • Start from interesting questions.

And two more advice for the students:

  • Although introduction is the first section of your work, you may write it at last. When all other sections are already written, it may be easier for you to write a good introduction.
  • Don’t use sentences which are often a waste of words. Use only interesting information and get to the point of your essay.

Thesis statement

This part of an essay shows your own take on its subject. Be careful when writing the thesis statement, because it guides the other arguments in your paper

Before writing this section of an essay, you better answer the following questions:

  • Does the thesis statement answer the question proposed by the person who gave you this task?
  • Can it be polemical? Can you or other people find the arguments for or against it?
  • Is it concise and specific?

Body paragraphs

This is the part when academic papers become more difficult and complex than high school homework. The structure of body paragraphs must comply with the thesis statement and support it.

Your may think that your main goal is to tell the information you learned, but your must show that you did the research and analyzed the subject. In high school, you may write a list of events of the story to support your thesis statement and prove that you read this story. At the college, you should do a more deep research to explain your position.

Body paragraphs often contain the following elements:

  • Deep analysis. It helps you to develop the skills of critical thinking. Although you know Who, Where, When, and What somebody did, you should also wonder Why and How he or she did it. If your essay is about historical character, always think about historical context to understand and explain the actions of this character.
  • Credited sources and evidences. You can use books, interviews, essays, articles written by the experts. It’s not recommended to use dubious sources, because they often contain fakes and much unproven information. It’s better to use academic publications made by known authorities.


Academic papers conclusions are also different from high school works. They contain not only the summary of the main points, but also the analysis and reflection of your ideas. You can use the following methods to write a good conclusion:

  • Read your introduction again and continue it with the conclusion. Show how the arguments and ideas from the essay changed the perception of your introduction.
  • Tell about relevance of the essay and explain why the people should be interested in it.
  • You may use the quote, which helps to highlight the main arguments presented in other sections.
  • Tell your thoughts about how this research can be continued and what next steps should be the done.


After writing the draft, you should revise and edit your essay. Fix grammatical and logical errors, make the text easier for its readers and listeners, and check whether the body paragraphs support your main ideas presented in the beginning.

You should also number the paragraphs. It helps you to organize the structure of an essay.

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