How To Write A College Essay: Step-by-step Guide

14 Jul 2023

Knowing how to write a college application essay is a must if you’re looking to get into university. Writing an application paper is a very important assignment and can be a tad bit difficult for some students. But it’s important you know how to write a college essay.

A college essay is a paper written for university applications to gain admission into the university.  Prospective university students must be able to create a compelling paper that captures the reader. This can seem like a lot of work, but with the right steps, it can be done with ease.

There are several important steps to follow to be able to write a good college essay. Without a guide on getting started on the papers, you could be lost. Below, is a detailed guide which can aid your college essay writing process.

Step 1. Create An Ideal Atmosphere For Writing A College Essay

The very first thing to do when you want to prepare the perfect college essay is to create the perfect atmosphere that will get you in a calm and collected mood so you can work effectively. It’s always best to make sure your environment is quiet so that you can get all the focus you need. Any slight distractions can take your mind away from writing a beautiful university paper. You can also play light music that can stir peace within you and make your environment calm. Creating an ideal atmosphere is the first thing to do before you begin to write college admissions essay.

Step 2. Brainstorm On What To Write About For A College Essay

This is a major step in preparing to write your university paper. Picking a topic can be a tedious process because it requires you to dig deep and decide. Most times, there are several prompts to choose from on a university application. These prompts are usually very broad and open-ended. They give you as an applicant the freedom to discuss a variety of topics.  When choosing a topic, you must reflect on personal experiences, events, background, hobbies, and things that reflect character in your person. Many universities do not need to see major achievements, rather they are keen on seeing minute things performed in extraordinary and unique ways. So, it’s best to pick a topic that reflects who you are.

Step 3. How To Write A Good College Essay

After getting in the right atmosphere and selecting your perfect topic, it’s time to start writing. Writing a paper you should take into consideration a lot of things. For example, when writing a college paper, the tone should be formal so that it communicates to the reader.

Choose One College Essay Topic

Deciding on a topic is difficult, and you must pick just one. But the truth is, there is no right topic for your university application paper. For me, the perfect topic when I write my college application essay is one that sufficiently describes my personality and reveals who I truly am.

Develop Your College Essay Structure

Knowing how to structure a college essay is important in writing a perfect application essay. It is not enough just to know what you want to write. The paper must be well structured for easy understanding and a good flow. Organizing it perfectly impresses admission officers, and there are two ways to structure it.

Narrative College Essay

The main purpose of the narrative style is to tell a compelling story. This type does not require telling fictional stories but requires the applicant to talk about their personal background and life experiences that have shaped the person. When writing this structure, you detail experiences that paint a picture in the mind of the reader.

Thematic College Essay

This structure is based on a particular question or topic. The paper involves the use of figures of speech and literary devices to reveal the major topic of the essay. When writing with this structure, the writer should gather useful information from primary and secondary sources to be able to discourse the topic. This kind is centered around a particular topic.

Write Your College Admission Essay Draft

No one can make their paper perfectly written from the first time, which is why it is fine to keep writing drafts. It is normal to rewrite drafts. The first draft gives a building block from where you can start off.

Proofread Your College Application Essay

Another College essay tip is to check it for errors or mistakes. You can take the time to go over your paper checking for spelling errors or bad sentence structure. You could also use editing apps to ease the process.

7 Good College Essay Writing Tips

These tips can help you create the most amazing college application papers.

  • The topic should be on something important like an experience that impacted your life
  • Reflect and describe lessons learned from experiences
  • Avoid funny statements because the reader might perceive them incorrectly.
  • Begin early and write as many drafts
  • Do not repeat
  • Directly answer the question asked
  • Let another person proofread your draft

To pen a good college paper is tough but with the right steps and guide, you can get into the university of your dreams. Putting in the effort to write a good essay is very important and will help you in the long run.

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