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If you have a task which you didn’t do before, you begin to wonder how you can do it. Probably you will search detailed instructions on Internet and use them to perform the task.

Process essays help to do the things which are new for us. They explain all the steps that should be done. So if you need to write a process essay, it’s a good chance to help other people. Here you can find appropriate topics, which can be used for such essays.

Change Facebook settings

Facebook is the popular social network used all over the world. A lot of people has accounts there, but many of them don’t know how to configure the settings. So give them simple instructions. You can even use anecdotes and jokes to make your essay more interesting and easier to read.

Send text messages

Most of the mobile phones can be used for sending messages, but not every user knows how to do it. Try to explain all the steps and use examples. Don’t forget that different phones have different user interface, so some advice may be not useful for many of your readers.

If a person doesn’t know how to send messages, he or she probably isn’t very good at technologies. So choose words carefully and don’t use complex and too specific words.

Draw an image

Tell your readers how to draw an image, for example, a specific animal. You should also use sketches in your essay, they help your readers to see what exactly you’re going to teach them.

Write good curriculum vitae

People who are looking for a good job often need to write good curriculum vitae. So you can help them by your essay. Tell them what elements make curriculum vitae good, and what things they should avoid.

You should provide examples of good and bad documents. It helps your readers to write better curriculum vitae and get a job

Take a selfie which can receive many Likes in Facebook

Selfies may be a very polemical topic, but many people like it. So you can explain to them how to get a better result, what tools they should use, how to hold a camera. Don’t forget that not all of your readers have specific tools for making selfie, and many of them are not going to buy those tools.

How to start a business

Many people have a motivation to start their own business, but not anyone knows all the steps. So you can explain it from different points of view, provide examples of the people who recently become the businessmen.

If you write for readers from different countries, take into account that every country has its own laws. So advice for people from specific state may be inappropriate or even illegal for people from another state.

Those are only a few examples for good process essays topics. You can find much more interesting topics. You should also consider the structure of your essay, to make it more interesting. An essay helps people only when it’s clear and contains only proven facts and information.

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