Facts You Should Know About Wikis In The Classroom

Wikis in the Classroom

The Internet gives students a great opportunity to learn more. It contains a lot of interesting information, which can be effectively used in learning. And there’re many tools and instruments, which help teachers and students to communicate and get better results.

Wikis allow you to make digital portfolios, share classroom news, publish students’ projects, share links and other resources, and collaborate with other schools. That’s why it’s a good idea to use wikis in your classroom.

If you want to keep any information in the secret, you can save and store it by using wikis. They have personalized privacy settings, which allow you to make any data confidential. But you can also post public information, which is open for all students and other people.

Collaboration often helps students to improve their social skills and get better results. Wikis support collaboration and allow many students teams to work on the projects and web pages. Teachers can track the activities of all the participants. They can also check the progress of the projects.

Students often need a place to share learning recourses, announcements, and assignments. Wikis can help to publish all that information and easily share it with teachers and other students.

With the rising number of students’ projects, there’s a need to find a specific place for storing them. Wikis can be those places, they provide useful tools such as embedding or hyperlinks. It helps students to share their works and explain them. It also allows teachers to read projects.

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