10 Students’ Life Hacks For Easy Studying

14 Jul 2023

studying tips for students

The tough programs offered by the modern educational establishments initially aim at the effective process of studying turn into an obstacle to getting a proper education. No wonder, students are left in constant stress caused by the situation keep looking for a solution. There are two most widely known ways to optimize studying. One is offered by multiple life hacks prompted by the experience of former students trying to simplify life. You can find bundles of such hints on the Internet.

1. An infusive quote as a pill for inspiration to begin with

Having found a quotation capable of making your train of thoughts move faster, you can save your whole essay. That does not mean that a quotation will do all the work for you. You are the master! This tiny part of your essay includes an outstanding idea related to the topic of your assignment and can open numerous sides of the subject of discussion giving you valuable hints for the direction you should move and not to lose your way. It can also serve the final shot in your essay allowing you to persuade the reader 100% percent.

It happens that in the course of essay writing we change the direction of the discourse. But the value of a quotation does not change because of that. Even having crossed it out of your final draft you will still owe the whole assignment to its usage. The matter is that a good quotation is a fairy enchanting element of profound writing, just don’t neglect the rules of its usage! Outstanding people who once pronounced the words you now address deserve recognition.

2. Ask for natural assistance

Rain is said to be a powerful natural sound bringing relaxation and constructing a barrier between the ears and the immediate environment. It simply blocks all the distractive factors without diverting you from the work. This is not only about the rain as you can easily use some other sound of nature for there is a great number. Look up on the Internet to get an easy means to simplify your academic life. Just make sure the chosen sound brings the needed effects for there is a great variety of them. This is a  favorite tip of the experts working for essay for sale providers as it is effective when you have a lack of time.

3. Use the Source of Sources

We have already gotten used to asking Wikipedia about each instance we have no idea about. But this approach is not always useful when it comes to paper writing for here you need to address more serious sources with the highest credibility. That does not mean Wiki is completely off limits. Yes, you can address to it to get answers for everyday purposes (though not for your studying) and yes, you can address to it to find valuable sources for your papers. It is seldom we look through this chapter of the Wiki resource including a bundle of sources with high credibility, but it is indeed a worthy solution. You can trust them.

4. Get acquainted with Google docs

The format of Google cloud documents is close to the design of  MS-Word pages, the major difference being the auto-save function. Everything you’ve typed will be safe and sound even if your computer crashes you will be able to get the access it from any other PC or anytime. Your work will always be at your disposal unless you delete it. For those who are already sick and tired of Google features there is an option in the form of the cloud-based app called Evernote.

5. A written draft is a real draft

This is both about the time management and concentration. Composing your writing with a pen in your hands means you do not waste time on organizing your words in an acceptable way. You can cross out some phrases, insert new ones between the lines, shift words, point out the word order with the help of arrows, etc. You will let your train of thought go faster. Having completed your first draft, you can start typing it. That is here you will be able to make the needed changes in your work. You should use these study tricks to save time.

6. A clean writing environment as tabula rasa for impressive writing

Have you ever noticed your word processor diverting your attention from the assignment itself? It happens to beginners and experienced writers. To overcome this problem you can work with a clean interface allowing you to concentrate better on your target and the choice of proper words. IA Writer is a solution in this concern. Such documents can be easily transported into a Word doc or Dropbox/iCloud.

7. Use resources offering optimization

When it comes to a serious volume writing task, the main thing the author should cope with is the huge amount of information received from varied resources. The mentioned arrangements take time and effort, and to deal with the data effectively address specialized programs and resources. Start with Scrivener. There is no task beyond the abilities of this program. It structures, tracks your writing, easily moves the elements of the assignment, etc. The clean interface is one more valuable option offered.

8. Get out to get in

It may sound too simple and an excuse for a lazy-bones but it works: a change of scenery is something a person needs when the process gets unbearable. Find your place bringing proper inspiration and relaxation. For some of us this is a library, for others a café. Such tricks will encourage better concentration and you will finish your writing in time without feeling exhausted. So we can say these are tips for studying well.

9. Get up to get motivated

This is about your physiology. Walking around your apartment or getting out to buy fresh yogurt will make your blood flow properly. Breathing fresh air oxygenates blood. A five-minute walk will make a great contribution to your progress (even if you do not want to get out, there is always an opportunity to open your window for a while). Thus, you will feed your brain with the needed elements to make it work.

10. Pomodoro technique implementation

Multiple times we have heard about some magical approaches to cope with unpleasant and time-consuming issues. These are time management techniques. Using your time effectively, you will forget about stress. They are numerous, but here we offer one of the easiest – breaking the working process into 25-minute periods. Having run out of the first 25 minutes you will have to take a break for 5 minutes and then repeat the procedure again and again. Get rid of your stress forever!

None of the prompts mentioned here need a great amount of time and effort so you can easily implement the described tips on studying to get high results!

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