Steer Clear Of Plagiarism: Effective Tips

14 Jul 2023

how to avoid plagiarism

Plagiarism is the bitterest mistake that can occur to a student. Its presence gets a student the lowest grade and even can be expelled from the university. It looks not quite fair towards this person. But what about the one who has created the piece of work which donated wise words to this student’s paper? It looks like a valuable assistance. Should the author be properly treated? Owing the impressive work to the engaging material written by some author the student should at least express his acknowledgment for the opportunity to get acquainted with the work. This is not much but worthy of respect.

Great ideas “make the world go round” and the people expressing them should be respected that is why there is nothing strange about the tendency towards defending the intellectual property. Would you like others to respect and acknowledge yours? Still don’t know how to avoid plagiarism when writing your paper? Here we list the number of the most reliable ways of the acknowledgment of others’ work you choose to address in your writing assignment. Take them into account when writing your paper to succeed.

If you choose to address to some assistant make certain this is reliable no plagiarism papers writing service. Inspect the reviews of the clients to ascertain. Read the information describing the guarantees provided in case of the plagiarism instances. When you get your work check it on the available renowned Plagiarism Checker and Proofreader (or any other ways you find effective) provided by the internet resources.


Having found the information which is exactly what you’ve been searching for to cover some aspect of your research paper you must be happy. Just don’t neglect the precautions you need to take to avoid being accused of plagiarism. Having acquainted with one chapter of the article render the context in your words avoiding to insert more than two words taken from the original document following each other. Does the number of words from the original text exceed two? You need to put the quotation marks.


The set of rules offered by the guidelines of the varied formats is usually offered by the educational institution accompanying the writing task. This assumes including the information about the author of the cited work, the edition, and the publication date. The peculiar demands can be described in the guidelines. Having failed to represent the citing chapter in a proper way you can find yourself being accused of plagiarism. Overcome it.


Having come to the conclusion you need this quotation in your article ascertain the words included in your work exactly correspond to the original writing. Check twice. The failure in this concern can cause an unpleasant situation if the instructor knows the original. One more moment capable of leading to the undesirable outcome is the quotation consisting of more than forty words. In this case, paraphrasing is advisable. Of course, this activity demands time and efforts, but the reward is worth of doing it for the quote is only then accepted when it is properly represented. Mind your presentation!

Citing quotes

Citing quotations and paraphrase demand varied presentations. Citing a quote you will have to indicate the number of page and the number of the paragraph for the online resource citing.

Citing own works

Yes, you have to cite yourself. If you choose to take some part of your previous works in the current research paper writing you have to indicate this detail in the citing chapter. You should represent the quotation in the same way as the extract of the work of any other writer. Have you heard anything about self-plagiarism? Your work will not be accepted without this detail being paid attention to as plagiarism is generally forbidden including every its subtype.


The absence of the reference page in the assignment with quoted material can lead to the problem on the stage of the plagiarism check. If there is any cited material in your paper you should indicate it on the reference page. The peculiarities of the page presentation are included into the guidelines offered by the educational establishment (as a rule, here we mention the author, the publication day, and the title).

Proper checking

Before handing in the ready edited variant of your paper verify your work on the plagiarism detector. Use the specialized online services detecting plagiarism. Take time to paraphrase the extracts which are lighted as not unique. The educational institutions are supplied with the professional means for such verification, and if you do not dare to do it yourself to prevent the undesirable outcome the instructor will do it for you without leaving an opportunity to put it right. This can cause the loss of a place at the university or career.

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