How To Select A Perfect Topic For Research Paper

A reliable choice of the theme for the writing task is a half of a battle as it defines the direction you choose to go. Such is the first step which can either help you to proceed in writing if the theme is appropriate or start bringing you down with every new word turning the assignment into the unbearable activity with low results at the end. The topic choice weights a lot when writing a research paper.  To make this step a valuable impact you need to take it seriously. If you are eager to simplify the working process spending less time on the formation of the thesis statement and evidence presentation you must not neglect this obligatory step. It is worth of doing it.


This is the technique allowing to find out which kind of theme represents some interest to you in order to optimize the efforts. Working on the topic which does not seem engaging is a waste of time since you will fail to cope with it within the minimal timeframe. Be wise! Give your responses to the following questions to determine what you need:

  • Is there any individual problem or sphere of interest you will eagerly learn more about?
  • Is there a topic connected with the curriculum you want to know more detailed information about?
  • Can you name the theme that represents the common interest for the whole your class?
  • Can you name the event, book, or piece of news which greatly impressed you?

If none of the mentioned questions gave you a valuable hint you can address to the Web sites and research sites of high credibility for the impressive idea. Pick out the modern issues for the discussion. Don’t waste your time on the overused topics (suicide, environmental protection, abortion, death penalty, gun control, etc.). It is only possible when the topic is much narrowed. If you still have no idea about the way out, address to the instructor for a piece of advice or the representative of the service offering writing assignments for sale for the consultation or partial assistance. You can also ask for help the essay writing provider. The experts of such resources can supply with any partial or complete assistance related to the writing assignments completion (research on the theme, conclusion or core statements formation, thesis presentation).

General information collection

To choose between several topics representing some value you need to read the general data about the subjects for discussion in each separate case. The resources are multiple. Address to the encyclopedia articles, use Wikipedia to find the cohesive broad summary offering an overview of the theme including the explanation of the connectors of your subject with the broader and narrower ones. This is also the source of the needed vocabulary units you have to find to make your paper rich. Address to the librarian to find the magazines and journals you are searching for using periodical indexes.

Modify the theme

To research the broad theme is just as difficult as the narrow one. To determine the limit of your workscope in order to simplify the process take into account the factors which can be chosen the qualification criteria:

  • by the area of location,
  • by culture,
  • by the period,
  • by the subject,
  • by the audience.

Writing a research paper you can face the difficulty to find the needed data on the chosen theme if the topic is connected with some local issues which are not described in the newspapers of other territories; if it is too fresh and few discussions took place in this concern it’s not yours; if this is one of the extremely popular issues which will allow you to find numerous popular articles which will fail to add some new data this is something you should avoid.

Having started the search for the information covering your topic you can find out that there is a need to change it a little, so just narrow or broaden it. You can never predict how much useful information you will find. You can also find the aspect related to your theme which is of great importance. Don’t be too stubborn to waste your time on the initially planned topic or the endless search for new and new sources. For the paper consisting of one or two pages you will need no more than two or three articles or Web resources, for the task including from three to five pages you should find from four to eight sources (articles and a book), and Web resources, for the research paper of up to fifteen pages you should take from twelve to twenty items (articles and books).

Such are the important steps capable of solving your problem with the choice of the topic for your paper. Pay attention to them to make a good beginning and just as good ending.

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