How To Avoid The Common Essay Mistakes

The process making mistakes is a valuable element of the effective studying provided the person takes them into account in order to overcome the same bitter instances in future. But there is a better way to acquire the experience of the knowledge formation. It presupposes learning from the mistakes of others. To overcome the presentation of the assignment full of silly mistakes you should take into account the following mistakes which were detected by the custom essay writing services in the assignments offered for the proofreading most often. Besides this type of assistance, they can easily help you with the choice of the effective topic, intriguing thesis, and impressive core statements. They will provide the step-by-step guidance as for any issue or perform the whole assignment. If you need such a guide, just describe the whole problem in your statement and get the solution. Here is the list of hints to boost your writing prior to making mistakes:

  • Avoid short forms (e.g. I’ll, that’s, I’ve, etc.) but for the extracts of the assignments used as quotations

What is good for the colloquial style does not coincide with the proper presentation of thought when it comes to the essay writing which demands illustration of the writer’s seriousness. Imagine you need to represent your view as for the subject of discussion on the conference. This is an important step. You will not use the same words talking to the audience as you choose when talking to friends, will you?

  • Don’t use colloquial expressions, idioms, phrasal verbs (e.g. thanks to, lots of, be in seventh heaven, etc.)

These are the phrases you get used to in everyday conversations which are purely colloquial. They are exactly what you need when talking to a friend but are not appropriate in academic writing. Using these words in your academic assignment you show to your instructor (who is the only reader) that you feel on friendly footing with him or her which is not acceptable. Mind your language when addressing to your reader.

  • Don’t restrict your vocabulary to simple words (e.g. Specialists say they think this is good… )

Representing your view as for some subject you should take care about the language for even bright ideas will not impress if the writer fails to render the thought in bright words. Simple words make the audience doubt as for the author’s awareness and credibility. Consult the dictionary to find the proper synonyms. Don’t use slightly familiar synonyms for inappropriately used word bearing the shade of meaning which is out of the situation can make the case still worse. If you face a lack of time for the profound search of the needed synonyms you can choose to address to the custom essay writing service.

  • Stay away from the sequences of short or long sentences (e.g. We can do it. This is easy.)

This is too bad from different opinions for many sentences of the same size following each other will make your paper look raw. This means the author is not capable of using the power of word to persuade. Besides, it prevents from the effective perception of the information represented on the pages of the work by the reader on the subconscious level.

  • Avoid the abundance of simple linking words (e.g. and, but, so)

This is just a hint as for the skills of the writer to render the ideas effectively which makes a contribution to the unsatisfactory evaluation of the whole assignment.  Don’t allow the choice of your words to make the reader disagree with your ideas. Besides, proper linking words perform valuable function allowing the audience to grasp your chain of the author’s thoughts and thus, to evaluate the worthiness of your idea.

  • Don’t be extremely emotional (e.g. She absolutely hated those tricks… )

Falling into extremes will make no good. The golden middle is your target. The important thing you should remember about the colorfulness of your language is that you should sound well informed of the subject, and every your appeal to the audience should illustrate your respect. Be serious.

  • Don’t represent your personal view as the final authority (instead of “I am sure” use “To the best of my belief”)

No matter how many resources you have studied to supply your essay with the needed evidence, you should not impose your personal opinion over your reader. Everyone has a right to have the own point of view. You are not authorized to take it away. Besides, you may not be informed of it, but your instructor can have richer knowledge related to the subject of discussion and attempting to sound professional you will look silly.

  • Don’t address to the over-generalization (e.g. All people are…)

Never rely on the generalization as means of persuading for saying “all” without detalization you try to prove something without a proof. This approach is 100% failure as this is the best way to illustrate the lack of proofs. Don’t talk to the winds!

  • Never insert many clichés (e.g. when in Rome do as the Romans do)

Trying to render the desired idea avoid using too many known clichés, but try to use the effective turns of speech. Provide your own comparison. This will show the depth of your knowledge about the subject in discussion which is very persuading and effective method.

Trying to make a better progress you should be ready to make some steps to your aim. Thus, having encountered some problems you can address to the trustworthy custom essay writing service which representatives will solve any problem with your thesis, the core statements, the choice of topic or any other issue and guide you to the effective studying concept.

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