Enemies Of Writing: How To Overcome Laziness

19 Jul 2023

Do you often ask yourself “How to overcome laziness”? Laziness is said to be a sin, but it is also an engine of progress (an eternal one, as they say). If your own engine makes you suffer from the desire to get rid of all assignments throwing them out the window or setting them on fire, you are to learn tips which provide the necessary remedy for such illness. Change the situation for better. These are the pieces of advice describing the details of the approach to overcome laziness and simplify the writing process. If you have determined the diagnosis yourself you should be well aware of its cause – laziness seldom appears out of the blue.

Ways on how to get rid of laziness

The causes of laziness may vary. If you face procrastination each time you need to write an assignment that does not automatically mean you are lazy.

Lack of time

The situation is not rare. The mountains of work causes headaches and nothing more. Concentrating on the abundance of tasks will make your writing assignment the insurmountable obstacle. Get on the right side of the task. Solve your issues one by one starting with the most urgent and valuable.

Decline of strength

Tiredness and laziness are close relatives. It may sound too simple though not realistic, but you need to have a rest to recharge your batteries. Otherwise, you will not get the energy for creating a worthy task. Still don’t know how to overcome laziness? We can say the fifth cup of coffee will not encourage, but can make things worse. Did you know 15 minutes of sleep can give energy for half a day? It works perfectly. Feeling weak and sleepy will not dispose you to work as activity needs concentration in close cooperation with imagination to bring the desired results. While a 15 minute break will make a decent contribution. Study the methods of urgent relaxation which are well described on the net to nurture your vital needs for they determine your ability to feel happy. This is the main objective of your life, keep it in mind.


Say “goodbye” to distractions if you are serious about writing as soon as possible. This is about organizing yourself to complete your tasks. You may feel the lack of desire for assignments because of the environment and conditions are not appropriate. To pick up speed, take described measures. Distracting sounds (the roommate listening to loud music, the neighbor’s, etc.), insufficient light making you tired, an uncomfortable setting,, contact distractions (roommates, phone notifications – turn off any gadget claiming your attention). Cope with your work within a short timeframe to feel the wings of success! Friends, relatives, better halves, will understand your intention.

Writer’s block

If the causes above have no connection with your laziness when it comes to writing an essay, the reason can be writer’s block. If you feel well, if you are not hungry, have some time to devote to the task, the conditions are sufficient, no distractions are annoying you, but you still stare at a blank screen with no idea where to start, you are facing writer’s block. It has multiple faces. If you have no idea what to write or don’t know how to write or don’t want to do it, these all are the symptoms of the same disease. There is good news – it is curable! Do not take it as doomsday for there is a number of steps you can take to get rid of laziness once and for all. Developing your skills in this domain is the solution.

How to improve your writing skills?

Find out which of your skills are under-developed and work on it. You will find a list of common issues accompanied by a set measures to take.

1. Vocabulary

No doubt, an assignment full of the same words can hardly impress your instructor as it looks amateur. Reading your work, the reader should enjoy your performance. Otherwise, the exciting train of thought can fail to impress. The words you choose to render an idea in writing, performs a function as a frame for a picture. Never neglect your words. Take time to get acquainted with the new lexicon, synonyms are an excellent tool to spice up your writing, but be careful as inappropriate usage  will sound strange. That is not your target, is it? If you do not want to look like an amateur writer, take the measures below to improve your skills.

  • Read as much as possible. Read sources of varied nature (fiction, scientific, social and political, journalism, etc.) for this approach will efficiently enrich your vocabulary. Do not restrict yourself to the boundaries of your professional sphere.
  • Create your own dictionary. While reading, note interesting vocabulary, translate it, and make a scale of synonyms pointing out the shades of their meaning. A table consisting of columns for a word, its transcription, translation, the shade of meaning, and synonyms will suit best. Address it every time you need to articulate a specific meaning. Come back to this table regularly to learn new items and repeat those written previously. Use these words in communication.
  • Buy a worthy dictionary. A pocket dictionary offering a basic set of words is not a proper solution as you work to become a master of writing. One factor to take into consideration is your perception. Which presentation of information is easier for you? If you are a person who accepts visual information easily take the variant with pictures or an audio dictionary if your audio perception is more effective.

2. Awareness of the subject

Lack of knowledge about a subject is a true obstacle. How can one express his or her point of view on an event or phenomenon if there is no understanding of the subject matter? Take into account that initial or profound research (depending on the situation) is an obligatory element of an effective essay writing algorithm. Put it prior to writing process. If you have doubts for one or several moments of your discourse, color the functional phrases to come back to them later. Thus, you will not interrupt your train of thought and maintain your pace. Choosing resource is another moment to spend time on: cite your resources appropriately to overcome plagiarism and incorrect data.

 3. Inconsistent comparison of the first draft

Have you finished your first draft and are not satisfied with it? Even professional writers who offer you to buy essay online don’t accept their first drafts of the assignment. Evaluate the work pointing out the strengths and the drawbacks. Implement changes you like and overcome the problem areas. Don’t just surrender yourself to despair having found your first draft is a lame duck in comparison with the work you read. You can never know how many hours of practice an author had before managing to come to such an impressive result. Allow yourself to study while studying! That is the only path you can chose wishing to become a master in writer. Soon you will post your own writings which will impress beginners with excellence encouraging them to make efforts to reach your level.

 4. Inconsistent techniques

This is connected with an adequate evaluation of your experience in writing and your current abilities in this sphere. Your reader is not your rival, you need to impress the reader and not try to conquer the audience. You should sound serious. Thus, you need an effective technique to implement.

Mind one fact: now you are on your way to become an outstanding writer. Master the basics to proceed. We hope you found the answer on how to get rid of laziness and, little by little, you will become closer to your goal, so keep putting one foot in front of the other. Speed is not the determinative factor. Your efforts will be repaid. Practice as often as possible to get used to the occupation of a writer, gradually acquiring all the skills and be part of a writer’s society where each representative knows how to use the power of a WORD. The devil is not that black as it is painted! Don’t panic or kick yourself! Make use of the described tips and reach your goal to become an experienced writer to succeed in the professional sphere. Mind: procrastination makes no good.

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