Mind Your Grammar: Common Mistakes You Probably Make While Writing Essays

Correspondence with the grammatical rules is one of the first elements which become obvious to the reader from the very introductive part. It costs much in this concern. Being not quite attentive to the grammar details you can lose all the points gained due to your bright idea represented in the paper. If you have problems with your grammar you are to make efforts to become well aware of the peculiarities of the grammatical rules for it will be of great use not only in your studying but also in the adult life. No matter what kind of profession you are about to acquire the well-educated specialists are in great demand.

To simplify the process you can address to multiple apps which will detect the drawbacks of the grammatical aspect in the essay composition. These are Grammarly, Ginger, and other tools. Besides, you should not neglect the opportunities of the Word checker. But working with these resources you need to be confident that you cannot rely on them for 100% as they are the most effective with the detection of misprints and are “slightly professional” when it comes to the details of the grammatical rules. The computer check is a partial assistance. Completely relying on these helpers you will enrich your text with multiple new grammatical inaccuracies. Grammar dictionaries represent one more source of valuable information every student can address to. Cambridge Grammar Dictionary is one of the most reliable. Willing to receive the piece of advice in this concern you need to address to the reliable essay writing service. The experts in the domain will gladly entrust you numerous secrets related to the matter in question. These people can offer valuable information. They can also inspect your ready paper for the presence of grammatical errors or just write an assignment free from any grammar mistakes and inaccuracies.

But if you feel enough strength and desire to conquer this drawback of yours here we represent the most widely spread mistakes the students make daily. Of course, their number is huge. No one will cope with a description of that variety of grammar rules within one article. Having learned about the directions to pay attention to you will be able to detect and eliminate them. To make the process of acquaintance easier we have divided them into groups.

Noun-based mistakes

The proper form of nouns occupies the important place in the list of favorite mistakes being the simplest problem one can face. Avoid negligence in this matter. When checking your own writing to ascertain your nouns are “in form” you should mind the following directions:

  • countable and uncountable nouns
  • plural forms (endings in -s, -es, exceptions from the rules)
  • usage of the determiners with nouns in singular.

Verb-based mistakes

The verbs offer the traps of their own. You cannot overcome them unless you have studied the rules describing:

  • auxiliary verbs in the sentence structure
  • state verbs implementation
  • rules of the infinitive insertion
  • shades of meanings of the modal verbs.

Subject-predicate agreement

It seems that the subject-predicate agreement offers few problems in English. You should just make them agree in number. One may not believe that this simple rule can cause such a great quantity of mistakes the teachers and the representatives of the essay writing service observe daily. There is a variety of tricky moments related to this grammatical aspect which is connected with the compound subject represented by “both”, “neither”, etc. demanding the predicate in plural form. One more obstacle to the perfect grammar is offered by the American English in which collective nouns require the predicate in the singular form (unlike in British English).

Pronoun-based mistakes

Pronouns offer a wide choice of occasions to make a mistake as they can perform multiple functions of a noun. Being related to the noun they must agree with it in person and number. The number of indefinite pronouns may acquire the form of only singular or only plural, though there is a group of pronouns which are used in both forms (which depends on the context). The important detail to remember is that two nouns in combination with a conjunction demand the proper agreement of the noun and the pronoun. The abundance of the pronouns in the essay doesn’t impress, so ascertain yours are in their places.

Phrases expressing possession

The agreement between the noun and the possessive pronoun it refers to presupposes no apostrophe. The place of the apostrophe is of great importance. Avoid negligence in this concern.

The worthy idea in combination with the proper research and bright words can fail to lead you to the desired mark as the form of words is also of great importance. Mind your English! Use grammatical tool, dictionaries, address to the assistance of the essay writing services or inspect your paper for the drawbacks in the mentioned directions (having previously learned the rules) to acquire the needed knowledge to eliminate the errors from your assignment.

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