How To Be Capable Of Writing An Essay On Any Subject

12 Jan 2016

Essay on any subject

Sometimes when a student needs to write an essay with a specific topic, it seems challenging, at times even impossible, and unbearable. So students wonder how it can be written and how to start writing. It is a common problem for beginners, but everybody can deal with it. This article contains advice for those who need to understand how to start writing an essay.

Main ideas for perfect essay writing

There’re three main elements used in a decent, engaging essay. The first is a thesis statement, the second is the meaning for your audience, and the third, inevitable, is adhering to the main milestones of a well structured essay.

The thesis statement is also called the central idea. It’s recommended to always spell it out in the very beginning of the essay, in the introductory paragraph. This part should tell your readers about your motivation and the reason for choosing to work on this specific notion. The reader is now prepared to read and absorb the body of your essay, their mind is set on consuming your ideas. In your thesis statement, you should tell about your own position and the concepts you’re going to prove.

Your essay must not have a meaning only for you, it should incite interest in those who read it. It can teach people something, make them ask questions and become more interested in the specific object of research.

Correct Structure Of An Essay

The common structure for an essay is as follows: introduction, the body of the essay, and conclusion. The introduction tells basic information about your essay and its subject, the body contains the main chapters, and the conclusion closes an essay and brings the summary.

How To Start Essay Writing?

The first step is researching your topic. There’re many ways to provide research – you can use library books and the Internet. You have to learn more about the subject of an essay, and find proven facts and statistics which can be used in your project. Those facts and statistics can support your position and help prove the thesis statement. Any information may be useful for an essay, for example, quotes from other scientists, mathematical expressions, and figures. Another important aspect is to be wise when selecting the most valuable information for your paper. Use information that will make your literary piece truly stand out. And for that you mustn’t be afraid to express your ideas, speak your own mind, and not imitate the opinions of others.

If you already have materials and ideas for your essay, but you haven’t started writing it, give yourself a little time to think about it. Just walk away from a computer and do something else, then return and start writing.

The first part of an essay which should be written is the introduction or the thesis statement. Some work on the introduction only when all other parts are written. If you start from the statement, don’t make it too broad or too specific.

When you have the main idea, outline your essay. Use an appropriate structure of paragraphs, which helps you to make your essay easier to read. Don’t forget that the introduction and conclusion are also the paragraphs. The introductory paragraph ought to contain the main idea, the thesis, and the topic of the whole paper. What’s important is the conclusion should also address the main idea spelled out in the introduction.

Draft your essay and read it carefully. It’s quite useful to save your initial drafts, the ones you had before editing them.

Always revise and proofread your essay draft. It’s recommended to take a short break between writing and proofreading your own work. You should fix all the problems with structure and logic. If there’s a chance a reader will not be able to comprehend what you are saying, you should rethink the sentence structure, and double-check your work for awkward phrases. Avoid building sentences that are too long. You should be able to write your ideas clearly, staying away from unnecessary words. You must also fix all grammatical errors. It’s good to read an essay out loud.

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