5 Steps To Write Absolutely Terrible Academic Paper

27 Dec 2016

Being in constant need to compose writing assignments, students get used to the obligatory number of requirements accompanying each of them. Professors offer set rules to help simplify tasks for students to properly represent ideas following the directives. The problem is that due to the great number of assignments with different characteristics students find it difficult to take into account all the specifications concerning each type which is common. Some students prefer to address a professional academic writing service to manage difficulties with papers. Other representatives of the studying community do not want to write academic paper right and even find it possible to represent a kind of rebellion in their papers ignoring the core demands. Such works are not evaluated highly (though they may impress the professors greatly).

What should you do to get the worst academic writing?

If you are eager to repeat the feat of some other “masters of rebellion” representing an awful paper to your professor you should take into account the advice described below. Here you will find information regarding numerous aspects of problematic writing. If your goal is to compose a horrible assignment, try to implement all of them. This article is based on the most terrible paper samples offered by professors.

1. Repellent topic to start with

Willing to express your lack of interest in proper writing assignment completion you can choose an inappropriate topic. You will start to ruin a good impression (or a neutral one) from the first step. Chances are the teacher would choose not to read your academic writing to the end. If this is what you want you should to be aware of some details. Illustrating your lack of maturity in a topic you will demonstrate to the instructor your incapability of self-guided work which is especially effective when writing an admission paper. A boring topic choice is almost as bright as the previous suggestion. It shows to the admission board the author is far from being creative which is never appreciated.

2. Ignore the required format

The margins represent a small detail catching the eye from first sight. Make certain yours are not equal to one inch for this is standard. One more striking detail is a non-standard font. To annoy your instructor, we recommend staying away from Times New Roman and be more creative with something like Comic Sans. Courier New and Arial are not approved by some teaching staff. Improper spacing, being one more tiny detail, can make a substantial contribution to the formation of a horrible paper. Single-space is more likely to help you. Triple-spacing will definitely realize your intention to compose the worst paper ever.

3. Proper use of computer

Checking programs are real helpers in completing written tasks. Willing to impress the instructor by the abyss of ignorance you can set them aside pretending you are not aware of their existence. Though these programs are helpful in any situation. That is to say, they are also capable of making your work a worthless writing. So, if you make up your mind to use grammar-check allow the program to amend every instance it considers obligatory for improvement. A computer cannot be taught grammar and you will submit your work with some serious errors. Illustrate how great your trust in a computer’s grammar-check. Don’t rely that much on the spell check provided by a computer program (it is much better to pretend you have not heard about such option at all). This is the top of the craft.

4. Don’t care about your grammar

Bad writing will really shine with the abundance of incomplete sentences. To overcome eliminating them while proofreading the work, exclude this stage of preparation. Provide your paper with a huge number of long sentences, we recommend at least 30 words to start, which is an extremely annoying fact for teachers. Just as disgusting is a surplus of short choppy sentences breaking up the flow. Both excesses illustrate a lack of writing skills of the author which makes reading unbearable. There’s no limit to perfection! Grammar gives you multiple chances to strike your instructor badly within a small volume composition. Allow your pronouns to disagree in number and person with the antecedent for breaking the agreement rules you will make your teacher furious. A splendid continuation of this is the disagreement between the subject and the verb. Also, take special note to use “they/them” as a singular pronoun to remove gender bias as most citation styles such as APA and MLA do not yet permit this.

5. Don’t pay attention to spelling

Error making is not a big deal if you are not attentive when spelling homonyms. Approximately spelled words “their”, “there”, and “they’re” will make your teacher burst of indignation. You aren’t eager to flow well, are you? Don’t try to use a wide vocabulary. For instance, the words very, stuff, and thing are the best choices to repeat it in almost every sentence! If you really want to compose a paper which the reader will fail to make heads or tails of it, use ambiguous words as many times as possible. A clear message of floccinaucinihilipilification is sure to find a serendipity to enervate your paper which is the ultimate goal! If you are not eager to get your teeth into a writing assignment there is an option for you. Whatever your vision of ideal writing is, the professionals of expert custom writing service will implement it for you the best way!

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